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Customer Loyalty Reward Programme


What is the difference between the Rewards Card and the Rewards Points Card?

As part of the Customer Loyalty Programme, customers receive TWO cards.

The Rewards Card is a durable waterproof card which identifies the holder as a member of the Loyalty Programme. This card is valid as long as the customer remains a recurring customer (receiving weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly services). There is a replacement cost if the card is misplaced or stolen.

The Rewards Points Card is a paper card which tracks the services received by the customer. Each service gains at least one point. This card expires when the customer has gained 20 points or one (1) year after it is received. Replacement cards are given without a cost.


How does the Rewards Card work?

As a recurring customer (meaning that you receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly cleaning services from Eazy Maids), you will be provided with a Rewards Card.  Having a card is a choice – you can opt NOT to accept the card. When you receive the card, you are automatically entitled to 5% discount on your next recurring clean.  This is our gift to you!  Thereafter, with each clean and additional cleaning service you book with us, you will receive points which the Cleaning Team will mark off on your card.  When all 20 points on the card have been scratched off, you are entitled to a FREE BASIC CLEAN.

Does the Reward Card expire?

No, when you receive your Rewards Card, it is valid as long as you remain a recurring customer, receiving weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly service.

The Rewards Points Card, which keeps track of your cleans and additional services, expires one (1) year after  being received by you, or when it is filled. If the card is filled and redeemed (after 20 points have been achieved), you will automatically be provided with a new one, unless you decline to have one.

Do I have to pay for the card?

No, the card is free!

I am current recurring customer. Am I eligible?

If you have subscribed to our new rates which came into effect on 11th January 2021, and you are serviced weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly then you are eligible to have a Rewards Card.

How can I be eligible for a Loyalty Rewards Card?

You are eligible if you sign up for a recurring cleaning plan.  This includes weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly cleans.




Each recurring clean
One-time Basic Clean
Deep Clean
Move-in/Move-out Clean
Inside Fridge Cleaning
Inside Oven Cleaning
Window Cleaning
Upholstery Cleaning
Pressure Washing
White Goods Pick-up
Driveway Art
Subscribing to our Newsletter

Your Reward Points

Each recurring clean : 1 point
One-time Basic Clean : 1 point
Deep Clean : 3 points
Move-in/Move-out Clean : 3 points
Inside Fridge Cleaning : 1 point
Inside Oven Cleaning : 1 point
Window Cleaning : 2 points
Upholstery Cleaning : 1 point
Ironing : 1 point
Pressure Washing : 1 point
White Goods Pick-up : 1 point
Driveway Art : 1 point
Referral : 1 point
Subscribing to our Newsletter: 1 point

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